Masjid Al-Mustafa is committed in helping the community in any way possible. We provide all of the following services to better and make the community stronger. If there is anything not mentioned below please email us with your concern.

Embrace Islam

Our Imam will be more than excited to help you with any question regarding Islam. Please feel free to email us with question, or even stop by Masjid Al-Mustafa during the given prayer times.  Email us by clicking below and schedule a one on one conversation with the imam.​  

Islamic Schooling

Masjid Al-Mustafa provides schooling for kids interested in learning more about Islam. Teaching your children at an early age about Islam is very important and with this program the student will grow spiritually, Intellectually, and socially. Below is a link for the sign up form and dont hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions.


Registration Form (Age 3-5): Click Here


Registration Form (Older Kids): Click Here

Family Consoling

​This concern will be dealt with the Imaam directly and solved as soon as possible. Please feel free to click on the email us tab, describing the issue and attaching all the necessary items. Inshaallah we will reach out to you as soon as possible to make arrangements.  


Marriage is probably one of the most joyous and celebrated occasions in world. In every faith, culture, society, you will surely find some tradition of a communion between two people. In Islam, marriage is described as following:

Steps for Marriage:

1. Make an appointment with our Imam and discuss your plans. 

2. Obtain a marriage license from Waterbury s 

3. Have two Witnesses 

4. The bride and groom agree on a specific Mahr (gift given from groom to bride)

5. The Imam will sign your license and Masjid Almsutafa-Nikah Marriage Certificate and submit it for you.



Although divorce may be the most hated halal topic to Allah, we understand that marriages do not always workout. In case a situation does arise where the marriage may be falling apart, contact the Imam as soon as possible to see if the situation can be resolved. Please click the button below and submit a form to schedule an appointment.

Janazeh (Funaral)

To Allah We Belong, And To Allah We Shall Return

We are deeply sorry for your loss and will do anything to help and provide for the family. Please email us by clicking the email us button and we will arrange a funeral and plan accordingly. 

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