Assalamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters;


As you have been made aware in previous communications, we used a very conservative approach towards handling the Masjid activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We did not want to rush opening the Masjid for many reasons which we shared with you before but most importantly, the peculiar location of Masjid Al-Mustafa by the highway. Many travelers (mostly from out of state) frequently stop by to pray and they may or may not follow social distance guidelines. We did not want to put our community at a risk that we cannot fully control or predict.


At this point and upon careful assessment of the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation pertaining to its pattern of spread in the state of CT, the Masjid board had decided to re-open the Masjid but for Friday prayers only; starting this coming Friday Insha’Allah, 25th of Zi-Alhijja ( 8/14/2020). 


We will strictly enforce CDC guidelines and follows the state of CT guideline related to religious gathering. The following outline will be applied :

  • There will be only one Friday congregation in the Gym area with a total maximum capacity of 100 persons.

  • There is no registration required, but once maximum capacity is reached, the doors will be closed. 

  • Doors open at 12:30 PM, the sermon starts at 1:00 PM, ends at 1:20 PM, All must leave by 1:30 PM.

  • Please carefully follow instructions of the Masjid security team which is meant to ensure everyone’s safety during the congregation.

  • Sisters are welcome to attend. 

  • Only youth who are 14 years and up can attend. No children 13 or younger are allowed.

  • We advise our elderly and persons with immune-compromised clinical conditions NOT to attend; at least at this stage.

For every single congregant who plans to attend, please:

  1. Bring your own prayer rug.

  2. Wear a face mask the entire time of your presence in the Masjid.

  3. Be already on ablution (wudu). One bathroom will be reserved for emergency sickness-related cases.

  4. Leave immediately after the prayer and not gather outside the mosque. The first row will leave first and so on.

  5. Stay home if you have any cold-like signs or symptoms.

  6. Enter and exit only from the designated doors as per security team instructions. 

  7. Stick to the social distancing by keeping a 6’ distance from each other.

We ask Allah (SWT) to protect you all, and divert all kinds of harm from us and all of humanity.


Masjid Al-Mustafa Administration

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